Nokia Lumia 920 shipping with Portico update pre-installed


Previously, Nokia had released a Windows Phone 8 update named “Portico” to Lumia 920 users in U.S.and Canada as an OTA update. The update was in connection to increasing the software stability of the Lumia 920 and also fixed some camera related issues at the same time. The final processed picture when taken in daylight looked fuzzy, which was a great concern since Lumia 920 is supposed to have the best camera in the segment.

We were informed that the Portico update wouldn’t be released outside the U.S. and Canada for another two weeks, which would be until February. Apparently, the sources were wrong and a Nokia Lumia 920 purchased from Dutch retailer KPN came with Portico update right out of the box. The OS version number displayed on the KPN phone, 8.0.10211.204, matched the version number related to Portico.

There were speculations that the Finnish smartphone manufacturer was ready to start releasing the high-end Nokia Lumia 920 and the mid-range Nokia Lumia 820 with the latest updated OS pre-installed, and apparently it’s already happening. It should be noted that the company had this update on its website for several days before they were pulled down for some reason.

As far as rolling out of Portico over the air in other parts of the world goes, it should be happening in few weeks. If you don’t want to wait until Nokia releases the update on their own will, you can take matters into your own hands and update your device manually.
Unlike other mainstream smartphone manufacturers, Nokia maintains a server which contains all the firmware updates related to their products. It’s not a standard practice, but it allows people to get the official firmware before the official release, which is great for enthusiasts. Apparently, they even have the software for JBL PowerUp speakers.

Though you cannot access the server directly, there are tools which will enable you to perform this operation with just few clicks. There’s a software called NaviFirm+ from Using this software, you can browse through software images of various phones from Nokia, including the Nokia Lumia 920. NaviFirm+ is a free software, and you can donate if you want to.

Once you find the appropriate image file, you can download it from within NaviFirm+. You can then flash your device with the newly obtained image file easily. It should be noted that you will have to ‘flash’ your phone and not just ‘update’. This means that this method will wipe your phone and reinstall the OS. This also means there are risks involved in the process which may damage your device by bricking it, but the good news is that there are tutorials out there that will guide you through the process of un-bricking the device.
Once the Portico OTA update arrives on your device, it will automatically patch your device and everything will be smooth. It is important that you know what you’re doing. It’s a risky procedure and may damage your phone, but if you still want to continue, follow the instructions over here.

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