Nokia Introduces Nokia Music+ Streaming Service

Nokia announced that they will be rolling out a new premium music service in the next couple of weeks. The service which is called Music+ will have a varied price point depending on region but will be estimated to be €3.99 a month. This streaming service allows subscribers access to unlimited downloads to the company’s Mix Radio song discovery service.

nokia-music plus

Nokia Music+ will actually be an enhanced version of the free Mix Radio service. It will be like Pandora without the ads.

Some of the features of this new service include

Unlimited Skips – Users will be able to skip from one track to the other giving them full control of what they want to listen to.

Unlimited Downloads – Mix Radio only allows you to download up to four mixes, each mix containing hours of music. This new service gives you unlimited downloads and even play them without any Internet connection.

High Quality – Nokia Music+ allows you to download songs at a higher quality, even up to 8 times the existing quality.

Lyrics – Those who love to sing along with the song playing on their Nokia Lumia will love the fact that the lyrics will be displayed.

Desktop Access – Even without your phone you will still be able to access the service using your desktop.

Compared to other similar music services this one is a bit more expensive than Pandora One however is comparable to Spotify Premium.

Nokia announced that they will be launching this new premium service first in the European market in a few weeks. No announcement has been when it will be arriving in the US however the company’s announcement that it will cost $3.99 in the US suggests that they have plans of bringing the service there.

The free version of Nokia Music arrived in the US last September and is available for the Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and Verizon’s Lumia 822.

via nokia