New camera samples of Sony Xperia Z appears

Sony_Xperia_Z_Sample_Image (6)

Sony’s Xperia Z is the Japanese company’s flagship smartphone of the year 2013. Being a flagship device, it obviously comes with top notch specs. Sony takes imaging seriously, and when it comes to cameras on their smartphones, they get really serious.

Sony has a brand of camera sensors called Exmor – “Exmor is the name of a technology Sony implemented on some of their CMOS image sensors. It performs on-chip analogue/digital signal conversion and two-step noise reduction in parallel on each column of the CMOS sensor.” The company puts Exmor sensors even on its mid range device, so it’s obvious that the flagship Xperia Z will also get the same treatment. In order to stand out of the crowd of super spec’d Android smartphones, Sony has given the flagship smartphone a 13 megapixel auto-focus camera that feature 1080p video recording and an Exmor RS sensor. The current standard for high end smartphone is 8 megapixel camera, so Sony’s offering definitely stands out of the crop by flexing their muscles in the imaging department. Even the Lumia 920, which supposedly clicks the best pictures in the segment, comes with an 8 megapixel camera.

It should be noted that megapixels just tells half of the story, similar to what clock speed explains us while buying a computer or smartphone. It is a well-known fact that the GHz rating tells us little about final performance of the processor. Same is the case with number of megapixel and the level of details captured ultimately depends on quality and size of the sensor, and that is why smartphones aren’t able to click great photographs when compared to a DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera for that matter. The device was present at CES 2013 and there were few camera output samples on the internet, but that was a pre-production model and the final product may most probably click even better pictures. Anyways, now we have some outdoor photographs that were taken using a Xperia Z smartphone armed with 13 MP Exmor RS camera sensor.

Sony_Xperia_Z_Sample_Image (11)

I have attached few pictures over here, but if you are interested to see more, you can follow the link in source. About the image, as you can see, the set is staged outdoors, and the weather is not exactly cloudy. The phone did get good amount of help from sunshine to illuminate the scene most of the time. More challenging dynamic range corners were met with a bit of overexposure, but most of the phones do that, so not a deal breaker. The shots were clicked either in normal, 13 MP mode, or the Superior Auto, 12 MP one, using a pre-production model, which means that the software is yet to be finalized and the products which will finally ship may even click better images.

We have some unofficial pricing figures for the Xperia Z, and the bad news is that it is not going to be cheap. Several European retailers are suggesting the price tag to be north of $800. The device will be most probably offered on contract, which should be relatively cheaper. What do you think?
Sources: Clove