Mystery Samsung GT-I9600 gets benchmarked


Samsung’s Galaxy lineup has got to be the most profitable lineup for the company, and to keep it fresh the company obviously keeps on launching new devices. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been selling like hot cakes since its launch and it is said that GS3 is the best Android phone to be ever built. Well, now we have even more powerful phones in the market and Samsung is surely looking forward to compete with the new devices from other manufacturers.

The next powerful device from Samsung is expected to be Galaxy S4, or perhaps S5 since 4 is considered to be an unlucky number in Korea, and since Samsung is a South Korean firm, we predict they would skip the 4. In the meantime, folks at Sammyhub report that a new benchmark result has surfaced of an upcoming Samsung device. The device comes with an identifier of GT-I9600 and if you are aware of Samsung’s naming scheme, the model number translates to Galaxy S range of devices.
The mystery device has apparently showed up on NenaMark2 benchmark database, and according to the benchmark, the device has managed to reach a top score of 58.5 fps. This indicates that the Korean manufacturer has another mystery Android Galaxy S device, but we are not sure which device is it exactly.

Apart from the top score, the benchmark report also reveals few details about the hardware. The specs revealed are little, but to start with, the Samsung GT-I9600 has a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution touch screen along with Mali-400 MP graphics, a 1.4GHz processor and will be running Android Jelly Bean 4.2 as its operating system.

Another possibility is that the device isn’t real at all because the specifications mentioned above are very similar to what Samsung Galaxy S3 has, so the benchmark may be of a Galaxy S3 device running modified software which identifies the device as Samsung GT-I9600. Now that’s a speculation and the basis is just that the specs are close to what Samsung Galaxy S3 has, and we can treat this as a rumor until more details are available about the GT-I9600 mystery device.

Also, we have to take this rumor with a grain of salt because it is well known that NenaMark2 results can be easily faked, so there’s a very good probability that the device of which benchmarks have surfaced doesn’t really exist. In the meantime, Samsung is working hard to deliver the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is said to have an identifier of GT-I9500. Samsung has already released a teaser video which suggests that the company will be launching something new for its fans at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 that will be taking place in few days. Most probably they are talking about the much rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected to come with a 1080p display, following a trend starting with rival HTC’s Butterfly handset. The screen is said to have an impressive pixel density of 440 ppi. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Sammyhub

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