Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour For Android (Review)

modern-combat-4Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Download: Google Play Store | iOS App Store

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the sequel to its predecessor, Modern Combat 3 and was created by Gameloft. The game released about a month ago soon after its iOS release due to delays during the development for the Android version. The game costs $6.99 on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is essentially a dumbed down Call of Duty for mobile platforms. In fact, it is very similar in relation to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in a lot of areas. Aside from that, it is your standard first-person shooter game. You have a variety of guns, you kill the terrorists and proceed to save the president. If you are looking for something new to play, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is something that you should more than likely skip over.

If you’ve ever played Call of Duty and own one of Power A’s MOGA controller’s, you will have an extremely easy time grasping the controls of Modern Combat 4. That could be proclaimed as a good thing, but the game is so identical to Call of Duty I often wonder why Gameloft hasn’t had a lawsuit on their hands yet. If you don’t know a MOGA controller or some sort of controller that will work with Modern Combat 4, you are in for quite an experience, as the touch controls are horrendous. The screen looks so cluttered it’s almost madness trying to control everything at once. Most of Gameloft’s games have a horrendous UI, which is why I’m so thankful various types of controller’s are around to fix the issue.

As for the graphics and visual aesthetics, the game is not near console quality graphics as many people — and the developers — have previously claimed. Character models and their textures look absolutely horrendous. Facial textures look even worse than the models themselves. Screenshots and videos released prior to the game actually made it look better than it actually was.

On a more positive note, the gameplay is fun. It’s definitely Call of Duty-esque and nothing unique, but it’s still a fun experience. The question is though, is it worth $6.99? No, not at all. It would be best to wait for Gameloft to run a sale (which they do quite often) and grab the game for $0.99. The game feels like a copy of Call of Duty, and some would argue that it is. The majority of the environments in Modern Combat 4 are identical to missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, specifically the Airport Massacre. While the same actions are not going on, the level design looks extremely similar.

If you have money to waste, by all means grab Modern Combat 4. It’s definitely an interesting game, but feels more like a money maker than anything, which is really disappointing, as Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was a very anticipated title. If you don’t have money to waste, it’s best to wait until a sale surfaces. It’s not worth the $6.99 they are asking for.

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