Minecraft Sells 240,000 Copies Over Christmas


Did you know Minecraft was popular? Yeah, who would of thought.

Mojang has just released their Christmas sales figures, and they’re nothing short of amazing.

What’s interesting about the sales figures is how Minecraft performed throughout 2012. 4,177,843 people bought a copy of Minecraft in 2012, and as PC gamer notes, this accounts for a whopping 47.3% of the game’s total sales on the PC. This does not include Pocket Edition sales or even sales on Xbox Live Arcade. Minecraft isn’t just popular, the audience is constantly growing, which is what constantly amazes the gaming industry.

What makes Minecraft so popular is a topic for a different time, but it has a lot to deal with how creative you can be in a sandbox game like Minecraft, as there really is no game like it.

During Christmas day, Minecraft managed to snag 70,808 copies, which arguably isn’t a bad number in itself. Between the 24th and the 30th Minecraft sold a whopping 241,845 copies. That’s not all though.

The console and mobile versions of the game sold slightly more than the PC version. In total, Minecraft sold 15,079,940 copies in the year of 2012. These are massive sales numbers considering the game launched as an Alpha release back in 2009.

It’ll be interesting to see how well Minecraft will do in 2013, especially considering that the documentary was just recently released.


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