Microsoft to host ‘Next App Star’ contest

Next Star

Being an app develop in today’s time has its own perks. If you make a good app, you’ll get a lot of incentives. RIM recently had an offer for its developers where it would pay $100 for each app ported to the new BlackBerry 10 platform. Apparently, 15k apps were submitted within 2 days, but there is no news on how many apps were approved into the App World. Anyways, you get the point and right now Microsoft has come up with a new developer contest.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform is a great smartphone platform and has great potential, but the only thing that is stopping it from topping the charts is the lack of developer support. It is slowly catching up and the software giant would like to offer an incentive to its developers in the form of a contest. The contest is entitled as “Windows Phone Next App Star Competition”, and Microsoft will be offering over $1M in prizes to 64 winners but it’s the top spot that should gain the most attention. The app which reaches the #1 top position will be featured in a television commercial that will be aired in primetime.

The structure of the competition is simple. The competition starts on March 5th, 2013, so developers are required to have their apps published before this date. The Store has a rating option, where in which users can rate (“stars”) the app. The voting will be based on this rating, where in which an app with 5 stars will be placed higher than an app with 3 or 4 stars. The catch is that only user ratings of the app received after March 5th will be counted towards the competition, so an app which has a great rating right now won’t have an upper hand in the competition.

Microsoft will then select the top 64 apps with the highest rating and those will go to the “playoff round” where users worldwide will vote for their favorites. Playoff round can be related to playoff rounds in sports, where 2 players (apps) will go in and compete and one app will lose while the other one will continue to take part in further competition.

The winner (#1 position) will be featured in the television commercial on primetime, which is a great reward. As far as the fate of remaining 63 apps goes, they won’t go home empty handed. Developers of those apps will be eligible to win numerous other prizes, including Lumia 920, free 1-year developer accounts, online media presence and much more from Microsoft.

Here’s what Senior Director, Windows Phone Apps Team, Todd Brix, had to say about the contest:
Microsoft is doing this contest for two main reasons: (1) to thank developers who have committed to making top quality apps for Windows Phone and (2) make customers aware of some of the most amazing apps for their new Windows Phone (or if they were considering buying one).

Windows Phone 8 devices are selling really well, and I hope the success continues. What’s your opinion?

Source: WPCentral