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Microsoft Going Mellow on the Surface RT Jailbreak Episode


Microsoft’s Windows RT based tablet, the Surface RT is a moderate success despite what the company would have you believe. The reasons for that are pretty much out in the open. And there is hardly anything going for the company in the current situation as we told you a couple of days ago. But if there’s one positive coming out of the Microsoft camp and particularly with regards to the Surface RT, is about its “jailbreak” which would allow sideloading of non-Windows Store apps (basically normal desktop apps) on the tablet. In fact, some people reportedly were able to run Mac OS on the Surface RT post the alleged jailbreak. So this has been tagged as a bug or an inevitable security threat by many, which Windows RT is supposedly alien to by default. However, Microsoft has now come out with a word saying it’s all good and it doesn’t seem to be worried all that much about the jailbreak. This is what the company had to say –

This issue is not a security vulnerability, and we have not seen attempts to take advantage of this social engineering technique. In order for this social engineering technique to be successful, a user would need to be lured to click on a malicious link, and also click through an additional security alert. As always, we encourage all customers to avoid opening suspicious links and emails. We continue to appreciate the work of researchers, and we will take appropriate action to help protect customers.”

This basically tells us that Microsoft is in fact appreciative of the developer’s work to be able to jailbreak the devices. However, it is providing assurance to users that it will protect them. Unfortunately, there’s little word on Microsoft’s course of action if malware or potential security threats are spotted post the jailbreak. Hopefully, we’ll have more clarity on that as the days progress. It almost seems like Microsoft secretly wanted this to happen, because we all know how restricted the Surface RT is as it is incapable of running normal desktop apps due to the change in chip architecture. Until the Surface Pro arrives, which is a full-fledged portable machine running on an Intel based chip, this new found hack should come in handy for Surface RT owners. And since Microsoft doesn’t seem to mind much, we guess it’s a win-win situation for all. Bear in mind that the Surface RT does have Windows Defender preinstalled which does warn you on spotting malware threats. So should you encounter any such issue, there’s no one else to blame but yourself. This is how it is with any jailbreak or root exploit basically, so I guess the users are well aware of that.

Source: TNW
Via: Phone Arena

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