MetroPCS Releases New LTE Data Tiers

metro pcs

MetroPCS has announced a change in their pricing plans for LTE customers, which ultimately brings more data options to the table, much like what T-Mobile has been working on as of late. MetroPCS’ $60 plan gets you unthrottled 4G LTE speeds while their cheaper plans will throttle you after you use up a certain measurement of data.

The $60 plan gets you the majority of unlimited options available, including talk, text and the best of them all — unthrottled data (which is something T-Mobile recently launched for prepaid customers). Those that aren’t interested in cheap unthrottled data can go a step lower with MetroPCS’ $50 plan, which allows unlimited talk, text and throttled unlimited data. You start out with 2.5GBs worth of data at 4G LTE speeds and then are throttled to their 3G network. Those that are looking for even cheaper options can take a look at MetroPCS’ $40 plan. It offers unlimited talk, text and web, but data speeds will be throttled after the first 500MBs of data at 4G LTE speeds are used.

The idea of being throttled is dreadful, but MetroPCS isn’t cutting their users off from the internet with ridiculously low data speeds. MetroPCS isn’t looking to put you on EDGE data speeds like T-Mobile does in most cases. The carrier will throttle their users down to 1-3MBsp/s, which tends to be their 3G network.

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