Mediafire Launches File Sharing App, Get 50 GB Free

Popular cloud storage solution provider Mediafire just got more attractive as it now has an Android app. While there may be other online storage solutions available in Google Play not one of them has given away 50 GB of free storage for first time users.  Aside from this initial storage space users can also subscribe to a plan to increase their storage quota.

The free app allows Android users to upload files and share them easily through SMS, email, social networks or just about any other medium. You are going to need a device running on at least Android 2.2 if you want to use this.

The app has an easy user interface that won’t confuse users. You will be able to upload nay file such as a photo, music or document directly into your Mediafire account. You will also be able to listen to music, watch videos or open your saved documents using the app.

In terms of usability there are various options for you to further personalize your account. You will be able to create folders and move files in them. The company has also made it easier for you to manage your uploaded files by including a search feature that lets you easily look for a particular file.

What is lacking so far though is batch uploads. This would have been a great feature to have when you are dealing with lots of files.

If 50 GB of storage space isn’t enough for you then you can upgrade to a paid plan to get more space. There are three plans to choose from which we have listed below.

Personal Plan

  • $1.50/month
  • 50 GB storage space
  • 1 GB individual file size maximum

Pro Plan

  • $4.50/month
  • 250 GB storage space
  • 4 Gb individual file size maximum

Business Plan

  • $24.50/month
  • 1000 GB storage space
  • 10 GB individual file size maximum

Mediafire was launched in March 2007 and boasts of 150 million users a month with more than a billion files sent and received.

If you are looking for a cloud storage solution for your smartphone and don.t like the measly 5 or 7 GB of free space other providers are giving out then you might want to check out what Mediafire has to offer to Android users.

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