Lookout Android App Can Take Photo Of Phone Thief

A new update of the Lookout Security & Antivirus for Android devices helps identify who has stolen your smartphone. The new feature of the app called Lock Cam uses your device’s front camera and takes a photo of the thief. The picture is then sent to your designated email address. Lock Cam will be activated once the thief makes three unsuccessful tries in entering your device lock screen code.

Lookout Android App

This is really a nifty feature and should give you better chances of recovering your stolen device. Aside from identifying the person who has your phone you will also be able to track down your phone location from the Lookout website. All you have to do is log in to your account to view the location history of your device.

Lock Cam won’t work on all Android devices though as there are some requirements that need to be met. Your device must be running on at least Android 2.3 or higher and should have a front facing camera. You will also need to setup a PIN or unlock pattern.

The premium version of the app allows users to remotely lock their device and also set a custom message directed at the thief to return the phone. Users will also have the ability to remotely wipe the data of the device so as to protect sensitive information that may be stored in it.

You’ll never know when your phone will be stolen. Just in case it gets stolen then it will be good if you have an app installed in it that will help you recover your phone.

Lookout Security & Antivirus is currently available for free at Google Play. Some of its features include


The premium version of the app requires a monthly fee of $2.99. If you want to check out the premium service the developers are throwing in a 2 week free trail without any credit card information required. After the two week trial period and you decide not to subscribe you can continue using the free version.

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  1. I believe cerberus has been able to do this for as long as I can remember aswell (years now..)

    Its good to have more apps like these though 😀

  2. I hate that everyone is acting like this is a new concept. I know of at least one app that already does this for free.

  3. The app “Androidlost” has done that for ages and is 500x better than Lookout’s. Plus, androidlost has a ton more features, and it’s free.

  4. This was my idea and was actually implemented into the app a friend of mine wrote and has been on the playstore now for months… LOLOLOL.. seems they found our app and liked the feature.

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