Liquipel Eliminates Water Damage Risk With Liquipel 2.0


CES 2013 is underway and there is no shortage of amazing technology. This morning Liquipel 2.0 was announced. The company sets your smartphone in a chamber where a vacuum sucks out all of the air. This vacuum chamber then applies a nanocating in a vapor form, which creates a bind at the molecular level. After the treatment is over, the smartphone is watersafe for years. What’s great about Liquipel 2.0 is that it is said to be 100 times more effective than the previous version. This time around, the nanocoat not only protects the outsides of your device, but the hardware inside the device as well. This makes the inside and outside of your device watersafe for years to come.

Normally one who would want to get their device(s) coated with the technology would have to send the device to the company and wait for a return. With Liquipel 2.0, the company is slowly rolling out locations to have this process done in shopping malls. The first location is at the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. A consumer will have to shell out $60 to have the process conducted on specific models like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. To see a full list of models, hit the source link below.

Even with your device coated with Liquipel 2.0, it’s still suggested the your smartphone is not intentionally dunked in water. Liquipel 2.0 simply removes the risk of losing your smartphone to water damage. They don’t want you intentionally trying to break the smartphone. That’s not what Liquipel is for.

source: Liquipel
via: Phone Arena

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