LG Squashes Reports of a Nexus 5 at Google I/O, Claims Nexus 4 Production Happening “Without a Hitch”


LG’s time in the smartphone market was marred by poor sales and rather mediocre devices for most part of 2012. But as we approached the end of October, we were treated to something astonishing and remarkable from the company in the form of the Google Nexus 4. This smartphone was an instant favorite with reviewers and Android fans alike, which meant there was unimaginable amount of demand. But sadly, it almost seemed like the demand took LG and Google off guard as it wasn’t able to cope up with the rising sales and the phone was sold out in a matter of days. The phone returned back to stock in a week or two but only to be sold out again. As of recently, the phone was listed as “shipping in 6-7 weeks” which is almost two months in a time when almost every month we see a new smartphone appear. So overall, one would say that the launch of the Nexus 4 wasn’t handled well. And it was reported that the company was having trouble with supplies for the smartphone, while other strange theories suggested that the low stock could be because the company has shifted its focus onto something new. And now LG has come out with a word to shed light on what’s real and what’s not. The company spoke with a Korean website to give out the info.

LG clearly squashed the Nexus 5 rumor, which was initially believed to be launched at the Google I/O 2013, which will begin from May 15. So we can now finally come to a conclusion that there won’t be any new Nexus smartphones launching in the first half of 2013, that’s what LG likes us to believe at least. Perhaps we’ll see the Nexus 7 refresh at Google I/O 2013 as it’s almost a year old. Since there’s hardly any evidence to support the Nexus 5 claim, we’re glad to cross that off the list. LG further stated that the Nexus 4 is still in production and there are no issues whatsoever with regards to supply, which is contrary to what Google and the rest of the world thinks. The manufacturer mentioned that the smartphone is being produced at its Pyeongtaek manufacturing unit in South Korea. There have been numerous reports suggesting that LG is deliberately causing a scarcity of the Nexus 4 so as to accommodate for its current flagships like the Optimus G. There are several theories which are being floated around in the internet and quite frankly any of them could be true. With the MWC 2013 event scheduled for late next month, maybe LG is focused on producing what’s to be revealed there.

Even as we speak, the Nexus 4 continues to be in low stock. This has led people to buy the device on contract with their respective carriers (if it is in stock). This basically beats the purpose of selling a cheap and affordable flagship smartphone, which was the main goal behind the Nexus 4 anyways. So what should we expect in the coming days? Only time will tell, but certainly not a Nexus 5, not this soon at least.

Source: Chosun Ilbo
Via: The Verge

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  1. If there were no hitches, then why did Google refund my shipping costs to me?…and I’m still waiting on a wireless charging cradle.

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