LG France Director Addresses Nexus 4 Supplies


We’ve seen a lot of controversy regarding Nexus 4 production. Rumors even began to spread that LG was halting Nexus 4 production entirely. More recently, LG told the Korean press that they have had no issues with supplies on their end.

Today, an interview with Cathy Robin, LG Mobile France’s director, may just give us an explanation into the lack of availability of Google’s LG-made Nexus 4 smartphone. Robin told French outlet, “the supply problems are not solely related to LG.” Google presented LG with their sales forecast based off of the performance of previous Nexus phones, which, as we all saw, were exceeded by the supreme demand of the Nexus 4. Despite these issues, Robin insists that LG and Google’s relationship are going “very well.”

During the interview, Robin also made sure to dismiss rumors that Nexus 4 production was either slowing down or coming to a permanent production stop. In fact, Robin claims that LG is boosting up their production, and by mid-February the Nexus 4 should be readily available to interested and potential customers. In other words, LG is preparing for a big Nexus 4 push in February, which isn’t that far away now.

Now that rumors of the Nexus 4’s production coming to a halt has been squashed, those that want to snag themselves a Nexus 4 only have to wait a mere a month.


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