King’s Bounty: Legions Android Game Review

Russian game developer Nival has just  released their successful turn based strategy game for the Android market. King’s Bounty: Legions can now be downloaded over at Google Play for free. You have to check on the app compatibility first as it seems that only Tegra based tablets are compatible as the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 10 are being reported as incompatible.

This game allows you to control an army with more emphasis placed on individual units. Each of your unit has specific combat advantages and your task is to know which of your units should go up against which type of enemy. Combat occurs in a field of octagonal spaces. The more fights you win the more units you will unlock as you progress through the levels. You will also be able to explore the map with the objective of meeting tougher enemies to battle which in turn provides you with more XP.

Some of the exciting features of this game include

  • Unique 3D graphics
  • A great many of locations and challenging quests
  • Play with millions of players worldwide
  • Single account for Facebook and Android – play your favorite game either on iPad or Facebook
  • Forge an invincible army and make your PvP and PvE enemies surrender at discretion
  • Participate in tournaments, unite in guilds and discuss the strategy in real-time chat

While trying to gain experience and better items can be done through fighting different enemies you can also do it by in-app purchases. You will need to spend real world cash to buy in-game money which in turn will be used in acquiring better weapons, items and characters.

One of the best features of this game is that you will be able to challenge any player from around the world. Logging in with your Facebook account will automatically save your game progress in your android, iPad and Facebook account.

If you love turn based strategy games then this gem is a real winner. Just make sure that you play it on a device with a large display.

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