Killer Escape Now Live At Google Play

Here’s the scenario. You’ve been caught by a serial killer and imprisoned in a dark dirty cell. He then tells you that it’s impossible to escape then leaves you. But is it? Your only option right now to survive is to escape. To do this you must explore your surroundings and pick up objects to unlock doors. Sometimes you have to be creative and combine these objects. This is the premise of Killer Escape, a game developed by Psionic Games.

Killer Escape is now available over at Google Play and is free to download. The game has a download size of 18 MB and requires a device that runs on at least Android 2.2. So far this title has gotten excellent reviews from people who have downloaded it.

This title combines both horror and adventure in a point and click style of gameplay. There aren’t that much titles in this kind of niche and this game is a welcome addition.

The graphics is done in 3D and is quite beautiful while the soundtrack is creepy enough. Because of its slow paced nature it doesn’t require your device to have a powerful hardware. One thing disappointing about this game is that it is quite short  making you run through it in around two hours. The replay value is high though with the answer to the puzzles being different each time since they are procedurally generated.

I suggest you install this game in your tablet or a large screened smartphone.  This allows you to have a good view of your surroundings. Although it is playable on devices with small screens you’ll need to have good eyesight to catch all the clues.

Overall Killer escape is a great game to play when you’re looking for something different from the shooting or racing games. It offers you creepy fun that has challenging puzzles and a great story.

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