iSpy Cameras Android App Review

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of smartphone applications available in app stores today claiming they offer better spy services than others. However, more often, these apps flunk when reviewed or rated simply because their developers built and described them in such a way that they leave an impression being apps that “collect data anonymously.”

iSpy Cameras 1

Spying, to many especially those who watch too much James Bond movies, is about acquiring sensitive (oftentimes, personal) information of others. But in general sense, spying means “observing.” It is in this sense that iSpy Cameras app became successful as it never promised to provide sensitive information to its users. Instead, it allows them to observe in real time what’s happening in a certain place through public cameras that are made accessible via the smartphone.

The iSpy Cameras application offers thousands of public cameras from anywhere in the world to be controlled remotely using smartphones. Users can access and view them via 3G, WiFi and EDGE. The Android version of the app is currently being offered at the Google Play Store for just $0.99, a very inexpensive amount for such a great app.

While the app do not really provide full information about the camera like the street they are installed on, users can control them any time to view a place from different angles. They are grouped together and only thumbnails are visible on screen, unless users want to enlarge them by tapping on the thumbnails. To make it easier to for users, iSpy Cameras has a built-in search engine users can use to search a certain camera using location and keywords. The good thing about them is that they are live, not pre-recorded.

In a sense, the service this app is offering promotes tourism rather than spying. People in the U.S. may be able to view a certain place in Russia where a public camera is installed nearby. The company behind the existence of this app assures users that the database is being updated daily to remove cameras that went offline.

Since there are thousands of cameras involved, their thumbnails are segregated by page so users will only have to swipe back and forth to find the ones they are looking for. Users can rate each camera to group them together. They can also make some their Favorites; the ones that received good ratings may be placed under Top Rated category or Most Recent.

Because of its unique service, iSpy Cameras became the #1 paid iPhone app in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Korea, and Croatia. Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia also labeled it as #1 Paid iPhone Entertainment App after having been included in the Top 10 Bestselling Paid Entertainment iPad Apps of 2010! Apparently, it is successful in the iOS market and there’s no doubt it will find its success sooner in world of Android.

iSpy Cameras for Android is a must-have app. Its success may become one of the reasons it will be offered for a higher price in the following months. So, if you find it useful for you, then get it for $0.99 today.