IPhone 5S Will Arrive This July, Production to Begin in March

IPhone 5S to feature new fingerprint sensor:scanner


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The iPhone 5 sales did not fare better than Apple’s older iPhone models 4 and 4S, according to news sources. Despite what was a rather disappointing iPhone 5 run for Cupertino, rumors and speculation have started to churn again. In December, it was said that Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPad 5 would both arrive in March, according to sources such as Business Insider. However, reports are now coming out that name July as the month favored for the release of Apple products. Earlier this week, it was said that manufacturers such as Sharp were told to halt production on the majority of iPad screens it makes and keep production to a minimum. While this could have been a sign that the company was not selling large iPads (thanks to the iPad Mini), it could also have been a sign that the company wanted to overhaul its large iPad. Sharp also produces Apple’s iPhone screens, so the delay in the original date (from March to July) is due to slow production.

As for the iPhone, Apple has struck success with its older models. The iPhone 4 is now a $0 phone that consumers can get for free with a two-year contract to one of Apple’s carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint. T-Mobile will get the newest iPhone (5S, it has been said) this year. The iPhone 4 comes with iOS6, Facebook integration, Siri integration, and so on. It has the same software offering as Apple’s iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S can be purchased for $50-$100 with a two-year contract, a rather affordable price for a smartphone that has been available for a year and a half. While older iPhones are far more affordable than the current iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 was expected to place Apple at the top once again – since the iPhone 4S was dethroned by Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

The iPhone 5 disappointed on this front, however, and this week’s stock price drop and investor disappointment are results of greater expectations for the iPhone 5 than the results. Apple is hoping, however, to progress this time around with its iPhone 5S that will arrive on the market this coming July 2013. Here are a few things we know about the iPhone 5S:

  • Improved Camera and LED Flash
  • The iPhone 5S will bear similarity to the iPhone 5
  • IPhone 5S will include a fingerprint sensor

First, it is no secret that the iPhone 5S will be similar to the iPhone 5 but with a few improvements. The nomenclature (“5S”) indicates that the smartphone will be nothing more than an iteration rather than an innovation of something new in its seventh-generation iPhone.

Are there any improvements to the new iPhone 5S? Yes. One such improvement pertains to the phone’s rear-facing camera. Both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S have 8-megapixel cameras, considered to be Ultra HD cameras (beyond high-definition).

With the new iPhone 5S, there will be a Sony, 13-megapixel camera for iPhone owners. Sony builds quality cameras, so the introduction of Sony’s cameras into Apple’s iPhones will not only boost Apple’s image (they provide cameras that keep up with the smartphone industry), but also boost Sony’s image. Sony is indeed making a comeback.

Last but never least, Apple looks to incorporate a fingerprint sensor for anti-theft detection into its newest device. I find the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor to be one of the new rumors around about the iPhone 5S that just may turn things around for Apple. While the sensor has been around for a few years, it has never been included in smartphone software. Since Apple’s iPhones have been top theft devices, Apple’s placement of a fingerprint sensor/scanner will help consumers feel as though the device offers something that current iPhones do not. It would certainly place Apple’s smartphone in a light that distinguishes it from any other smartphone on the market.

These are just rumors for now, but what consumers want to see is Apple’s newest features – not the old ones.

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  1. What the iphone really needs is a bigger scream .
    The Fingerprint reader is kinda silly .
    I do a lot of things online and a bigger screen would just be better .
    I love my iPhone for one big Reason; my apps never force close ,

    Come on apple . Make the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen

    Android convert

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