iPhone 5 Ranked Lowest in Consumer Ratings


Though Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhone 5 handsets this year, and is already appraised by tech-enthusiasts as the best iPhone till date, the recently released Consumer Reports suggest otherwise.

Call it hypocrisy, but the same iPhone 5 which was termed by Consumer Reports as the ‘best iPhone till date’ has not topped the chart of the best smartphones this year, and is ranked behind several Android-powered devices.

According to Business Insider, iPhone 5 is the worst top smartphone to be sold by three popular carriers in U.S.


The reports rank iPhone 5 behind LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S III in the stats of both carriers- AT&T and Sprint. Things get even worse as iPhone 5 fails to make it to Verizon’s Top three smartphones, overhauled by Motorola RAZR MAXX HD, the Motorola RAZR HD and the Galaxy S III.

With Samsung gaining momentum and already boasting 8.1 billion$ worth of profits in the last quarter, things are not looking good for Apple. Samsung reaches more market segments than Apple, which is the reason why it has been able to cash in more hefty profit margins. Apple, however, has sensed that fact and that’s the reason why it’s coming up with a low-budget version of iPhone 5, soon.

Leaving aside the sales, Apple’s products have been continually ranked low in the consumer ratings based on user experience and quality.

Previously, articulated consumer reports by popular newspapers had defamed iPhone 4 for being nothing more than ‘ordinary’. Perhaps, this consumer report is just another confinement of their inveterate legacy. Or, perhaps, they have a little bit of truth in them. Maybe, Apple is not innovating products. Maybe, it’s just repackaging the same contrivance into different dimensions and giving it sumptuously numerological names.

Of course, it’s not possible to please everyone. But hasn’t Apple been too conventional, too commonplace, too confined in its approach towards developing ‘smartphones’?

Instead of taking advantage of its lieu in the smartphone arena and developing more innovative products, it’s too hooked up- crunching numbers and filing petty law-suits.

Perhaps, it’s time for Apple to take a beat. These consumer reports just preview the cataclysm that lies ahead, if the Cupertino based company doesn’t do what its best known for.

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