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Analyst Claims Apple iPhone 4,4S and 5 Have Outsold Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series by 88 Million Units


There are plenty of analysts out there, whose job is to crunch numbers and give us details about a trend or a company. It’s usually seen that while these numbers are often accurate and sensible, especially the ones by Gartner, many others are out there to just show one particular aspect/feature in good light. We have one such analyst today named Tavis McCourt who represents Raymond James research, claiming that the iPhones have outsold the Galaxy S and Note series by about 88 million units. This figure, while completely true, is unfair in many ways. This could be a way to gain confidence of Apple stockholders who have shown little faith in the company since the past few days.

The Galaxy S lineup consisting of the Galaxy S, the S II and the S III are hot sellers in their own right, with each smartphone outselling the predecessor’s sales with every growing year. However, by the time the Galaxy S was launched, the iPhone was already three generations old (iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS). And Apple was about to launch the iPhone 4 just a few weeks after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S. So Apple already had the head start in the smartphone segment, while Samsung was still making its way to the top. So it is only fair to compare these smartphones at their peak. For example, we would like to see how the iPhone 5 sold in comparison to the Galaxy S III. Since Apple and Samsung set the release date apart by a few months, it’s almost impossible to have a fair comparison of the two flagships. As we all know, the iPhone 5 was widely popular and sold over 5 million units during the launch weekend alone. This is quite a remarkable feat for a smartphone and something which we’ve come to expect from iPhones.

However, recent reports have suggested that the demand for the iPhone 5 might be falling a bit, which obviously caused quite a panic with the share holders. This resulted in Apple’s stocks falling from $705 in September 2012 to $498 today. The shares no doubt have seen a slight increase since the last time we spoke about Apple’s stocks, but it’s nothing to write home about for Apple. Reports of a cheaper and affordable iPhone are making the rounds in the internet, so the future looks pretty bright for Apple. But inevitably it will come down to Apple vs Samsung again this year when the two companies unveil their respective flagships. It is commendable however as to how Samsung launched a new brand of smartphones and built on its success each year. The company is optimistic of selling a lot more smartphones in 2013, which should be interesting to watch.

Source: CNET
Via: Phone Arena

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