Indian Developers Build an Android app to Counter Rape Cases

17656628.cmsIn the aftermath of the nation-wide uproar over the brutal ‘rape-and-murder’ of the 23 year old girl in Delhi, there was a strong concern over the nation about women’s safety and security. Sensing the gravity of the issue, three Indian developers have developed an Android app called ‘Me against Rape’, which would allow women to sound an alarm just by the touch of a button and would be able to seek timely help.

Android software developers Gunwant Battashe (23), engineer Anup Unnikrishanan (24) and graphic designer Jayesh Bankar (23) worked together to develop this app which would help ensure women safety. They were motivated to develop such an app after they witnessed the candle-light marches in support of the victim. The app has already been launched and could be downloaded for FREE from the Play Store.

Some of the salient features of the app are as mentioned below:

Location History: Once the alarm in the smartphone is raised, in every 10 minutes, the phone would send location updates to the selected contact numbers. It would either call the number or send a text message. The app uses GPS and Google Maps to accurately pinpoint the girl’s location, and sends all information about the current latitude, longitude, address and the Google map link to the stored contact number. The position of the victim can then be tracked using Google Maps on another device.

Spy Record feature: So often, there’s a lack of evidence in any case of sexual harassment. Keeping that in mind, the developers have integrated a “Spy Record” feature, which allows women to secretly record the entire event so that it can be used as evidence in the court. These recordings (audio and video) could be used as “direct evidence” against the perpetrators of the crime.

The application designer, Bankar, said that his concern about his sister who worked for late hours in hospital motivated him to develop such an app.

“It was my sister’s safety that motivated me to work on this application. Now, I know where she is and if she needs me,”

The developers want to improve the app and would be introducing more helpful features in the near future.

“We want the people to give us feedback so that we can improve it,” Unnikrishnan said

Hopefully, such tenacious and thoughtful efforts would help in uprooting such a deep penetrated, heinous evil from the society.

Download ‘Me Against Rape’

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