In Darkness Android Game Review

A new horror game in the likes of Resident Evil has been released over at Google Play that’s sure to bring excitement to your device. In Darkness by SimpleGamesStudio costs only $1 to download and requires a storage space of at least 74 MB. It has elements of shooter, quest, adventure, puzzle and horror all rolled into one. The best part of this all is that you get to shoot zombies.

There are a lot of zombie games available for the android platform and this new title is a welcome addition. The game requires a little strategy on your part since you won’t survive just by shooting at zombies. You’ll also have to solve puzzles, collect items and just about anything else in order to survive the game.

Most of the action takes place in a dungeon-like environment where it is dark. The surroundings alone are creepy enough as you will hear moans and screams. As you walk through the dark you’ll encounter zombies which you have to eliminate.  Helping you in this task is a variety of weapons that you will have access to. You can use an Uzi, shotgun, pistol and tons of other weapons in the game. Trying to stay alive as long as possible and getting out is the key to your success.

As far as graphics goes the game could use a bit of improvement. It’s not that bad but it isn’t the best either. Although the game plays smoothly we wish that more detail was included. Some people have complained that they are having problems with the controls however we didn’t encounter any when we played the game.

For its price, In Darkness is a great game to have. If you are into zombie games or love playing the Resident Evil series then try to give this game a shot. It doesn’t just let you shoot down zombies but let’s you form a strategy as well.

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