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HTC Windows Phone 8X Also Facing Dirty Stains Issue From the One X

There are a few good looking smartphones in the market today which stand out from the rest of the crowd and stick to our minds forever. The HTC One X is one such smartphone, which despite its shortcomings was a pretty good looking device and its design was particularly lauded for being minimalistic yet superior in every sense of the word. However, even this aspect of the device has been subject to plenty of criticism. As you may know, the One X has a unibody polycarbonate exterior with a soft touch feel to it. However, this soft touch back has been prone to dyes and dark colors (especially with the white variant) if kept in the pocket. This was revealed a few days after the launch last year as keeping the smartphone inside a blue jeans pocket would eventually leave the device with stains. This was a major setback for the company, and has certainly been a deal breaker for quite a few potential customers out there. And now, more sad news is coming through for HTC lovers. It is being claimed that the same One X stains issue is persistent with the recently unveiled HTC Windows Phone 8X smartphone. Both these devices make use of pretty much the same materials, including the soft touch back, so it was only a matter of time until we heard something about the One X’s Windows Phone sibling.
The Windows Phone 8X comes in four vibrant colors, but thankfully not in white, so it might not be as drastic as it was with the One X. But still, it’s pretty disappointing to see devices which are hardly finding any takers in the market getting plagued with issues like these. To be honest, there’s nothing HTC can do about it other than just replacing the unit, which apparently the company is doing. Also, there seems to be a solution to remove these stains with a dab of diluted alcohol. This last solution might be a little risky as there’s every possibility of scaling the actual color of the phone whilst doing this. So we recommend you take your smartphone over to the nearest HTC dealer, should a situation like this arise. As of now, there haven’t been that many complaints of the said issue, so this could just be the blogosphere overreacting to one isolated incident. So let’s not jump the gun on this one, until we hear something from HTC.
Whatever the real issue is, I’m certain this has gotten HTC thinking. Let’s hope for the sake of its fans and the company itself, that the design and the finishing of the device are reviewed for upcoming flagships. The company honestly cannot withstand another major upset, especially after the poor showing last year.
If your device is affected by the dirty stains issue, let your voice be heard by dropping a line below.
Source: TechnoBloom

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