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HTC M7 Info Revealed: Will Feature an All Black Design and a Revamped UI

There’s very little info about HTC’s next supposed flagship, the M7. But thanks to a few rumors, we have been able to gather as much info about the device as possible. But now a new HTC tipster has revealed substantial information about the upcoming flagship from the Taiwanese manufacturer, and it does seem believable. The info was accessed by HTC Source and we can’t help but be excited.
First up, the device is believed to get a major facelift in terms of UI and the way its core apps work. Also on board is said to be a new version of Sense, presumably Sense 5. Other info about the device was also leaked and the source claims that the new HTC flagship will not have any onscreen buttons contrary to what yesterday’s rumor suggested. We certainly don’t mind that last bit. Also confirmed are the 4.7-inch 1080p display panel as well as 32GB of onboard memory (believed to be non-expandable) and the Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064 (S4 Pro) quad core SoC. We’re pretty excited by this revelation but it would take a few more days of wait to know what exactly is in store for us. We are certainly looking forward to the cosmetic tweaks that are said to be made with the software.
This is what the source had to say:
The lock screen and HTC apps have received a huge facelift and HTC has tweaked the software to make it easier to use. One example of these new tweaks is the on-screen volume controls which features a shortcut that jumps directly into the phone’s volume settings page. Unfortunately, our source has debunked the recent rumor that the HTC M7 will feature on-screen buttons. The physical design of the HTC M7 is said to carry a few design cues from the HTC Droid DNA with an black shell and a “very nice looking beveled edge” along the screen. While previous rumors indicated that the M7 would be constructed with a unibody aluminum shell, our source says that the phone he’s seen is constructed with the same materials as the Droid DNA“.
I hope what we have here is indeed true, as it looks like a remarkable device to own. Having said that, let’s take this with a pinch of salt for now as there’s nothing better than an official confirmation from HTC. Well, the days are nigh for an announcement, so we might not have to wait all that long.
What’s your take on this new revelation? Do you think this is legit? Let us know by leaving a comment or two below.
Source: HTC Source

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