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HTC Announces Mini, A Compaion Accessory For the Butterfly Handset

Are 5-inch smartphones too big for you? HTC may have a solution in the form of the HTC Mini, an NFC-enabled companion device for the HTC Butterfly, which is also known as the HTC Droid DNA in the United States.


The device, which resembles a thin, candybar-shaped dumbphone, complete with a monochrome display. It boasts of several functions. For one, it may be used to display one’s calls, call logs, messages, and calendar entries. Through Bluetooth, it can also be used to make and receive calls. If the HTC Butterfly is connected to an HDTV or monitor, the HTC Mini can also function as a remote control. It also works as a remote control to trigger the shutter on the smartphone’s camera, so you can take self-portraits more easily. And, for those who are perpetually losing their smartphones, the HTC Mini may be used to make the smartphone ring to reveal where you stashed the device, provided that the smartphone is within the Bluetooth range of 30 feet.

For now, The HTC Mini will be bundled with the HTC Butterfly in its home country, China. At this point, the HTC Mini will be exclusively available in said market, but if it becomes successful, it may reach international markets, as well. There is no word on how the HTC Mini will cost if purchased separately from the HTC Butterfly.

To introduce the accessory to the public, HTC has released a video on Youtube that shows the uses of the HTC Mini. The video is in Chinese, but even if you don’t speak the language, you might be interested in watching it to see the device in action.

It would be recalled that recently, a similar device called the Pebble started shipping. Unlike the HTC Mini, the Pebble is a watch that displays notifications from the smartphone while the handset remains in one’s pocket.

Would you like a separate device to control a 5-inch smartphone?

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