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HP Introduces The Pocket Playlist

HP has announced a new portable media device called the Pocket Playlist. The Pocket Playlist streams unencrypted content such as audio, video, and photo files to smartphones and tablets through a Wi-Fi connection. Its internal hard disk, which has a capacity of 32GB, can save up to 7,600 music files, 10,000 images, or 16 full-length movies, according to SlashGear. It may be recalled that in the past, a similar device that streams content from a hard drive through a wireless connection, had been released by companies like Kingston.


As many as five mobile devices can be connected simultaneously to the HP Pocket Playlist through Wi-Fi, facilitating the sharing of content among friends or family members. The mobile devices, which may run on Android, iOS, or Windows, connect to the Pocket Playlist through an application.

The Pocket Playlist also supports streaming apps. HP provides users with a one-month free trial subscription to PlayLater, which is touted as the “first DVR for online video.” PlayLater, essentially, is a legal online content service that enables users to record media straight from Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Later, users can enjoy the saved content offline. Once the subscription expires, those who like the service may opt to continue their subscription for an annual fee of $29.99. This subscription may be terminated at any time. PlayLater also has a current promo that gives users a lifetime license for the fixed, one-time price of $39.99. Both packages offer similar features, including access to almost 60 channels, recording content and viewing it online, unlimited recording, and viewing on a tablet or a smartphone.

The HP Pocket Playlist is expected to hit the market on February 15. It will retail for US $129. Meanwhile, there is still no announcement as to whether the device will be released outside of the United States.

Are you interested in owning the Pocket Playlist?

via slashgear, playlater

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