How To Use Your Xbox Controller On Jelly Bean

One of the best features of the Xbox is its controller which is perfect to use in any game that you play. You can now use this same controller in playing your favorite Android games with just a few simple modifications. You’ll no longer need to rely on the touch screen to play your favorite games as the Xbox controller is more precise and user friendly.

This modification was first discovered by XDA forum member Dslrocks10 which he tested on his Google Nexus 7 device. This could also work on any device running on Android Jelly Bean.

Here’s what you will need

  • Spare Xbox controller
  • Mini USB cable
  • Device running on Jelly Bean

Here are the instructions

what you do is strip an xbox controller’s cable, or the break away cable(this is smarter due to the fact you can still use your controller later with another break away cable), and strip a usb cable (the male end still in tact) and simply wire the corresponding colors together(Green to green, red to red, black to black, white to white). Now the xbox controller has a 5th wire which is yellow, you can ignore that one.

According to Dslrocks10 everything works perfectly fine except for the L & R trigger buttons. He’s not sure if it’s an issue with Android or his controller. What we think though is that the buttons just needs to be remapped with a button remapper app.

So far this setup has been tested on Grand Theft Auto III, Modern Combat 3 and Dead Trigger.

If you have a spare Xbox controller and you have a device running on Jelly Bean you might want to give this a try since it’s relatively easy to do.

This saves you a lot of money compared to buying those popular Android controllers out in the market today.

via XDA

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