How To Replace Your Screen On The Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Notification Light

Breaking your screen is a terrible tragedy, especially when it’s one of the more expensive phones out there like the Galaxy Note II, or for our purposes, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Breaking your screen is even worse when your device is out of warranty, as you can’t just send it in for repairs and receive it a few days later without spending a dime. If you’re able to get your hands on a screen replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S III, YouTube channel LE55ONS has the perfect video instructing you on how to replace the screen of your Galaxy S III. Albeit there is an ungodly amount of steps to take, the instructor shows you how to replace the screen without breaking anything, which is a huge plus considering that your screen is already broken.

The video is thirty minutes long and mostly consists of taking the device a part. Regardless of it being a grueling process, I found the video quite interesting even though I don’t have a broken screen or have a Galaxy S III. It’s kind of cool seeing all of the underlying parts that power your device, don’t you think?

Regardless, if you’re device is out of warranty and you don’t want to go through the above process, it might be wise to invest in a case for your smartphone sometime down the road.

Obviously the tinkerers in our audience would enjoy taking apart the Galaxy S III, but for the average person, this has to be some sort of hell for them!

I can already imagine cries of, “I just want my smartphone to work!” right now.

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