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How To Get Started Programming Android (Part 2): Free Resources

Android for Beginners

There are a plethora of free resources out on the world wide web all willing to teach you the Android mobile programming language for free. Google has a wealth of information available to interested users at a simple search of a word. Keep in mind that while there is a wealth of free knowledge out there, there is also a plethora of scams. Most of these scams are, of course, not free. To name one scam right off the bat that most of you will run into during your searches is edumobile.

As I mentioned above, the first thing that you are going to want to do is do a few Google searches. Again, there is a gold mine of information there. A simple search for “beginner android tutorials” pulls up nearly 3 million results  Those three million of results can’t fit in a single blog post, so you may want to sift through Google to find a good resource for yourself if none of the below resources help you out.

The second free resource you are going to want to look at is free e-books. As I said in the first installment in this tutorial series, books are your friend for a multitude of reasons. To summarize that, there is wealth of knowledge that you could easily find on the internet, but in a book it is often all congregated in one place with projects at the end of each chapter to help you retain the knowledge the book taught the reader.

Another great option is to get involved with an Android Google Group. I use them quite often and I swear they have all of the answers to any question you would ever ask. If they don’t, they are ambitious enough over there to figure it out themselves. Granted, these groups are massive– 25,000 members on [android-developers]. While you are guaranteed to get an answer from someone, it’s a tad chaotic. If you can handle the chaos though, getting involved in android-developers or android-beginners could be one of your best choices.

Lastly, for your general questions you are going to want to look at That website is Google’s own Android website, which answers a lot of general questions people have. Not only that, but it’ll get you started programming Android in no time. Granted, I wouldn’t say that it is a great source to learn the entire Android language, as there aren’t a whole lot of tutorials on there (there is a whole heck of a lot of documentation though!). As I said, it’s essentially general knowledge to any Android programmer. You could say it is the “Hello World” of any other programming language.

In the next tutorial, I’ll be listing off resources to learn Android that will cost you a bit o’ cash. I personally think considering paid resources is essential in learning Android because both parties (the consumer and the seller) are happy. The consumer purchases a lengthy book that looks likes it worth learning from while the seller gets some revenue for essentially teaching the consumer how to do something like Android programming. You don’t need paid resources to learn Android, but they are more often that not very helpful.

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