How to Add Wireless Charging To Galaxy Note 2

It’s a crazy, crazy world where everything is possible. While Nokia can keep bragging that its Lumia 920 is the only smartphone in the market with wireless charging, some blessed minds at XDA Developers have already worked around a solution, which can port the concept of wireless charging to a some high-end Samsung and Sony smartphones.

Image: GSM Arena
Image: GSM Arena

XDA Forum Member named Ryan_G has posted a complete walk-through on how he was able to avail wireless charging on his Galaxy Note 2. Though the method might seem discursive and complex at the first glance, it’s inexpensive and hardly takes ten minutes to set-up.

[Warning: Proceed only if you love DIY guides, and love experimenting with stuff. People who have little knowledge on how these stuff work should stay out of it. Perhaps, you can recommend this article to someone who can mend it for you. ]

As the post reads, the components which you would need to try this trick are:

  • Soldering Equipment
  • Palm Touchstone
  • Palm Touchstone Case
  • Heat Shrink
  • Electrical Tape
  • Thin Multicore Wire

The procedure goes on something like this.You are supposed to attach the induction coil from the Touchstone case to the inside of Galaxy Note 2’s back cover. Reattach the battery cover and place your device on the charging dock. If you have followed the steps carefully, your Note 2 should be charging wirelessly. A step-to-step guide is available here.

We have also attached a video below, which would assist you in setting up your device for this modification.

Similar work-around is also available for devices like Galaxy S3 and Xperia Arc. Though the methods are not so simple, wireless charging would still work. You can give that a shot by checking the links on the XDA Developers attached below.

Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Guide

Xperia Arc Wireless Charging Guide

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