How Cool is the Samsung Smart Fridge? [Video]

Accompanying the chilly mornings and shivery twilight breeze this winter is the ‘cool’ Samsung Smart Fridge. Though all refrigerators are as-a-matter-of-fact ‘cool’, this one does a lot more than just keeping things cool. With Samsung Smart Fridge, you get a built-in 10 inch tablet which can run apps like Evernote and Epicurious. It’s a massive four-door fridge, split into three compartments. One compartment is the freezer, another is the fridge, and the third wheel can be just what you want it to be- Fridge or Freezer. You choose.

Though at first glance, the concept might seem outlandish and overcooked, but in reality, it isn’t. Samsung Smart Fridge gives you the first glimpse of how your future refrigerator might look like. Samsung changed the dynamics of television last year by introducing smart features in its LED, PLASMA, and LCD TV series. Smart controls now allowed you to control your TV through voice and hand-gestures.

Samsung’s Smart Fridge is all set to revolutionize the way we think about refrigerators. The all new Samsung gadget is set to have a docked tablet, which besides cooling your dishes, would also guide you on how to make some.

The tablet on the fridge allows you to keep a check on the weather, maintain calendar, organize events, manage notes from other family members, and can be connected to Internet. You can also control the temperature of the compartments using the touch interface.

The video demo of the fridge shows an inventory app, which helps you pick all the items in your chiller box. There’s another app called Epicurious, which helps you find recipes. There’s also Evernote, which lets you to maintain lists and also allows you to create notes, share clips, videos, images or links.

The primary purpose of providing Evernote is to allow syncing of notes between fridge and handheld devices. For instance, when your wife creates a grocery list through Evernote from the smart fridge, it automatically gets synced into your device. Hence, you know that you have pick-up milk, eggs and bacon before you head home.

The pre-installed app called Unilever allows you to keep track of what’s inside. Apparently, the Samsung Smart Fridge is capable of printing coupons, which can be handy to keep track of things you need to buy and things you already have.

Besides, you can also write memos, read news, update and sync calendar, customize the layout, manage appointments, and do lots more. The only drawback (or perhaps, plus point), however, is that you cannot install games on this Android machine. No additional apps can be installed on the fridge apart from the pre-installed apps. That’s a huge bonus if you have kids, and do not want any Angry Birds saga to pile up on your child’s ‘To-do’ list. However, that’s a disappointment if you’re a tech-junkie like me, who would have installed lots of useful apps on the fridge and turned it into a sumptuously surreal gizmo.

Considering everything it can do, expecting the price to be lower would be overly optimistic. Though Samsung is yet to officially announce it, according to Venture, the Android-based T9000 refrigerator is expected to hit the markets at an inordinate price-tag of 4000$. *coughs*

Though the concept is innovative, the price-tag is inexcusable. Instead of shelling $4000, how about getting a $400 Android tablet mounted on my current refrigerator, using a $50 Dock?

The concept would strike with the masses only if Samsung markets it at a tangible price-tag. After all, no matter how smart the products are, none of them can outsmart humanity.

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