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Here’s How I Minted a quick 5$ Just by Watching Videos, Downloading apps, Sending Referrals

We previously did an articulated article annotating a lot of apps which can help you earn money from your smartphone.

Though there are lots of apps which help you make money, the truth is that it takes a hell lot of time to actually earn something worthwhile. For instance, after  spending hours, watching lots of trailers on AppTrailers, I could only mint 2-3$ after a month.  That told me, perhaps, it was time to take a beat and try something new.

One of our readers recommended us about a newly launched app called Tapporo– a company, which is already very popular on the web. We thought to give it a shot, and after using the app for about a week, we are appeased with the outcome.tapporo-e1356546843254

Tapporo not only has more number of offers than any other redemption app, but it also wears an easy-to-get-familiar-with kind of interface.

After downloading the app, I was able to mint 5$, without much ado.

Here’s what I did:

I just logged in using my Facebook id, entered the referral code I had received from my friend, got an instant 0.25$ credit, completed some offers, watched some videos, and within an hour, I had already earned some 2000 OROs. (1000 OROs= 1$)

[Tip-off: Tapporo offers a credit 250 coins to everyone who enters a referral code. In case you decide to try this app, just enter this referral code to get an instant 0.25$ credit-TAPAB5793.]

Next, I started referring the app to some of my friends, who like me are always saddled up to try new redemption programmes. I recommended nearly five of my close friends, and they tried the app using my referral code. Each referral brought me 0.1$, and got them 0.25$. So, within half-an-hour, I had nearly another 500 OROs.

I called it a day, and got back to work. I checked my phone next morning, and I was surprised to see another 2500 OROs credited to my account. Apparently, Tapporo credits an extra 0.5$ to the referrer for every referral that earns more than 1000 OROs on Tapporo (Reached Silver level, as they call it). So, my friends actually tried this app and eventually earned more than 1000 OROs which helped me gain an extra credit of 0.5$ per person.

Hence, the equation sums down to 2000 OROs (For completing offers) + 500 OROs (For sending referrals) + (500 x 5) 2500 OROs (For successful conversions) = 5000 OROs (5$).

So, within a day and without much hubbub, I was successful in minting five odd bucks. I cashed-in my 5000 OROs for a 5$ PayPal transfer to my bank account. My transfer request was processed within minutes and I received a confirmation mail from PayPal regarding deposition of funds.

If you do not have a PayPal id, you can also redeem the coins for real-life gifts and discount coupons. Tapporo offers lots of options like Game Cards, Facebook credits, Amazon Gift cards, Googly Play Gift cards, and much more. You can also redeem your earned coins for gadgets like Bluetooth 2.1 Handsfree Headset, RC Helicopter, Run-Around Digital Alarm clock and much more.

Tapporo has paid more than $500,000 on Web, and the reason why they’re going mobile now is apparent. With 60% of the users accessing the web from their smartphones, they foresee more opportunities on the mobile frontier than on the web platform.

Tapporo replied to our mail saying that they would be launching more offers for their worldwide users. Developers would also be able to self-service their apps on Tapporo’s platform and have their own customized offers. Tapporo is also planning to integrate a feature which would allow you to earn OROs just by shopping from your mobile device. For instance, if you buy a headset from an Tapporo suggested store, you would be able to fetch reward points.

The app is currently available only on Play Store, but their website reads that an iOS version of the app is in making and would be out soon. If you’re looking for an app which pays you back, rather than asking you to pay for it, give this one a try.



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