Google+ overtakes Twitter to become the second most popular social network

transblogexpress-16-google-vs-facebook-guerre-L-rFyNBvIt’s time to put all the old Google+ jokes to bed.

According to a report published by Global Web Index, Google+ has been dethroned from being a ghost town. Google’s social networking site boasts more “active” users than Twitter, making it the second largest social network after Facebook. YouTube is on the third position, followed by Twitter that slipped down two positions.

According to the statistic revealed in the post, Facebook had nearly 693 million “active” users in December 2012, while Google+ bagged a handsome 343 million active users. Though Twitter had as many users as YouTube (280 million), it grew at an amazing rate of over 40% in 31 monitored markets that encircle around 90% of the world’s internet. 21% of total people on Internet use Twitter. A staggering 51% use Facebook. And Google+ is revered by 25% of the total internet population.Untitled

These statistics are derived from a common parameter- the number of active users. The definition of an “active” user however is deceptive. For instance, even if you login to some site using the popular social networking’s plugin, you would be considered an active user, even if you haven’t visited the site for months.

Facebook has already integrated a virtual single sign-in setup with thousands of websites across the world, while Google+ is slowly catching up. Matter-of-factly, the +1 button is already spreading on the internet like flu. Google has cannily linked comments on Play Store with Google+, thereby making every Android user who doesn’t even open Google+, an active user.

Google, however, can alter the dynamics of the game, if they manage to convert their 280 million “active” YouTube users to Google+ users. They, cannot, of course, do that overnight. But, perhaps, they could mend a way around. Maybe, they could add a +1 button beside the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ options.

The number of active users matter, even if they do not conform to the implied concept. These numbers matter as the activities we do on the web can be tracked using the numerous social networking accounts that we use on a day-to-day basis. For efficient searching of content on people, it’s important to know what kind of data can be extracted from various social networking accounts. That, in fact, is the fundamental logic behind the highly anticipated Facebook feature- Graph Search.

With Facebook releasing the amazing Graph search feature, the number of active users on the biggest social networking platform is bound to increase. It would still take some time for Google+ to catch-up with Facebook. Right now, it’s competing with the likes of Twitter and YouTube, and it would have to continue going at the same pace to outdo Facebook at same point.

Considering the fact that over 30% of the users access their social networking accounts from their smartphone, there’s a definite need to develop smarter and intuitive apps. Google+ has a fantastic app for iOS as well as Android devices. Facebook just made its Android app better. Twitter, however, needs to augment its iOS and Android apps, and come up with smarter and better solutions if it needs to stay in the competition.

Now that you know which social networking platform is gaining momentum, you would know that its now safe to +1 this article. Your share won’t strike you back!


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