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Google Awarded Patent For Multiple Flashes Surrounding the Camera Sensor


Google has some innovative ideas in its mind, many of which we’re still using with Android. Most of its ideas are related to software, which is because the company doesn’t manufacture hardware, not as of now at least. But a new hint emerging from one of the patents filed by Google suggests otherwise. According to this patent filed by the Mountain View company, it has plans for a smartphone with multiple camera flashes surrounding the sensor. These flashes could be aligned in the shape of a circular ring, so as to avoid shadows in low light images. This is a very innovative idea and we’re surprised no one else thought of this idea before. I guess manufacturers are more focused on the camera sensor itself than the flash.

This patent filing also reveals alternative methods for the utilization of the camera flashes. This includes one illustration where the flash is located slightly away from the camera sensor. Another one suggests that the flash could be made to pop out of the unit more like a point and shoot or a DSLR camera. It seems like there are so many ways to play around with the camera flash of a mobile device, and Google is making full use of its potential.


This revelation also stirs up a nice debate about whether or not Google will bring this new feature to one of its smartphones in the future. Since we all know it doesn’t make its own hardware, we’re bound to believe that this multiple flash concept would see the light of the day on a Motorola made smartphone, since the company is currently owned by Google. Alternatively, this could merely remain a concept and Google probably filed for a patent to keep its intellectual property well protected by the USPTO laws. But while we might not exactly see a phone with this technology immediately, it should and will make its way to smartphones in due time.

We all remember the good old days when smartphones used to come with a Xenon flash instead of the standard LED flash being commonly used today. Despite being better than LED flashes in terms of performance, Xenon flashes are almost extinct today in the mobile world due to technical reasons. But multiple LEDs will certainly bring LED flashes on par with Xenon flashes. One thing is for certain though, with technology like this, mobile photography will get a whole new meaning. Mammoth camera sensors are pretty useless in low light conditions if the camera flash isn’t backing it up, so it makes sense for manufacturers to give this a serious thought. The Motorola X Phone that we’ve heard so much about will most probably not feature this unique arrangement of flashes as the device itself is still believed to be a concept. But we’ll know more as the days progress.

Source: USPTO
Via: Talk Android

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