Google Maps’ Mobile Website Available To Windows Phone 8 Users Again


Windows Pwindows-phone-8x-by-htchone 8 users have been enraged after discovering they could not access the mobile website for Google Maps, which is something Windows Phone has never had access too. There was a lot of controversy over the issue, and thankfully Google responded to the claims hoping to settle the waters. Just yesterday, Google Maps was finally available to Windows Phone 8 users again.

Most reports claimed that Google was blocking the mobile website for Google Maps from Windows Phone users. Google did not confirm this claim, but Google’s excuse for blocking access from Windows Phone 8 users wasn’t enough to stop the suspicious. The reasoning was that Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 wasn’t compatible with Google Maps due to the extremely limited HTML5 support Internet Explorer 9 has. Internet Explorer 10 has been available on Windows Phone 8 for two months, which only added to suspicions.

Regardless of all of the controversy, Google has made sure to make the mobile website for Google Maps available to Windows Phone 8 users. The mobile website still does now work for those on Windows Phone 7 or even 7.5 though.

I honestly respect Google’s decision to pull Google Maps from Windows Phone 8 though. Not because of the device, but because of compatibility with the browser. Internet Explorer has proven itself to be a crummy browser when compared to the likes of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which is why it’s understandable as to why Google pulled the mobile version of Google Maps from Windows Phone devices. Companies are often faced with hard choices, and Google took a step to ensure that Google Maps was of the utmost quality for its users.

Regardless, Windows Phone users always have the choice to use Bing Maps.

Now all of this controversy can be put to rest. Finally.

source: Phone Arena

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