Google Launches Zavers, A Digital Coupon Solution

Google announced today that they have launched a new service that makes it easy for retailers and manufacturers to easily reward their loyal customers with coupons. The service which is called Zavers by Google provides real-time data to manufacturers so they can easily analyze customer preferences. This new service is actually being brought to you by Zave Networks which was bought by Google in 2011.

According to the official press release

“Unlike traditional media, Zavers’ real-time data gives manufacturers new ways to measure coupon redemptions and analyze consumer preferences so they can manage distribution, tailor campaigns, and optimize budgets for maximum ROI. Zavers also offers access to an extensive network of manufacturer coupons, opening up new retail revenue streams.”

With Zavers, shoppers find manufacturer discounts on their favorite retailer websites, and save the digital coupons to their accounts. Then they simply shop for those products and check out as usual. Redemption occurs in real time, with savings automatically deducted at checkout when shoppers provide their rewards cards or phone numbers—no scanning or sorting necessary. Manufacturers only pay when a product is moved off the shelf.”

For retailers the advantages of using the service are:

  • Easily reward customers
  • Increase transaction speed at the register
  • Simplify coupon settlement
  • Increase basket size
  • Target distribution

For manufacturers the advantages of using the service are:

  • Gain visibility into the path to purchase
  • Reduce costs and manage budget
  • Prevent fraud
  • Get real-time, UPC level data
  • Manage and target distribution

If you are a retailer or manufacturer and want to see personally how Zavers works you can attend the annual NRF Convention & Expo, to be held in New York January 14-15 where a live demonstration will be made at booth number 2281.

Zave Network is quite active lately proof of which is their latest partnership with New York’s D’Agnostico this month and its acquisition of Incentive Targeting last November.

Google says that the Zavers is growing fast and that more partner retailers will be added in the months to come.

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