Google+ is now the second most popular social network after Facebook

Social Network User Count Q4 2012

We spend a lot of time online, and a part of it is dedicated to social networking. And I am sure the majority of us are on more than one social network. The most popular social networking sites today are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and others. Facebook has been at the top of the list for some time now. And Twitter was the second most used social network in the world after Facebook, until now.

According to the latest findings by Trendstream, Google+ has taken the second place behind Facebook. That’s a significant growth for Google+, but we do have to note that this is based on the monthly active users on these social networks. The total number of signed up users may be way more than the numbers indicated here.

According to the Trendstream, YouTube also managed to beat Twitter for third place. So yes, YouTube became the third most used social network in the world and Twitter is in the fourth place. All this is based on the total monthly active users on these social networking sites in the fourth quarter of 2012.

According to the data given out by Trendstream, Facebook has an active user count of 693 million at the end of 2012, and Google+ had a total of 343 million active users. So you can see that Google+ has a lot of catching up to do to even reach Facebook’s numbers. One way to do this is to tie up YouTube and Google+ together.

If Google links YouTube with Google+, the numbers would add to increase the number of active users on Google+ drastically. These websites are trying their best to link their networks to other networks so that they can increase the user count on their network. You can see the integration increasing day by day.

And as most of the critics online say that Facebook is going down, it is not. You can only see an increase in the number of users and the number of hours spent by these users per day on Facebook.

Source: Slash Gear