Getting Rid of or Re-Using Your Old Android devices: What to and What not to do

People have numerous gadgets at home for various reasons.  Some keep gadgets and devices because they are collectors. Others could be keeping smartphones and tablets that you do not need – not because they want to, but because they do not realize just how much in demand they are or that they could get money for them.

It is up to the owner therefore to find out and decide how to reach the buyer, where and how much will be offered for the gadget. The various avenues available are either too large or impersonal, offer low prices or are costly to engage their services (without guarantee you a reasonably priced sale if it is ever sold!)

Sellers are required to know the market they target and the gadget they got. In this way they suggest prices they can defend in case of a bargain by buyers. Market information helps them to determine the platform to use and the ranges of offers to expect.

Classic and collectible gadgets have the fastest markets – people want to own them for prestige, to feel good and their usage is minimal.  To make money from an old Android smartphone, we tell you to try ta few things:

Old Smartphones

Are you ready to sell?

An owner of an old android gadget can sell the product for money or can decide to give it out for goodwill. It satisfies to donate, for example, and feel more at peace than making money out of a sale.

So before selling, one might want to consider both ways – selling and paying it forward. Its after this point that one decides how to do either. of the choices

Use it as a ROM testbed

An owner who is not sure whether to sell or not can decide to keep a gadget and use it to learn deeper how they work. Rooting would be a fine way to learn and at the convenience of gadgets they own and at their r own pace.

Make it a home phone

An of owner of old device can use it at home for phone calls. Owners of Google Voice numbers can make phone on WiFi, enabled by downloading an app called GrooveIP. No carrier is needed for the app to work because it does not use minutes.

Donate it to charity

Smart devices will be good to give out to charities in need. An owner’s choice of charity will be determined by the various beliefs guiding them. Homes for the aged, families of soldiers away on duty or emergency relief services are major attractions for device donations. They are especially helpful for making 911 calls for help.

I need it Sold!

Sellers of old gadgets have to undertake several steps to have them sold. Some come with a cost, in addition to mailing them.

Sellers therefore must decide whether to go for a quick sale or to maximize profits from gadget sales.

Try Craigslist– can it sell?

This is an option that offers cheap items whose demand is driven by want. It is therefore unsuitable for people looking for fair prices and driven by need.

If sellers were to consider Craiglist, they should see the classifieds section for median prices that their gadgets are selling.

Since the asking price is unlikely to be granted, sellers should have a minimum they are willing to accept. They must also be ready for tough negotiations if they hope to survive on craiglist.

Compare sites to get better ideas

All sites where gadgets can be sold have merits and demerits. Some will buy the gadgets outright, others will offer a forums to post ads. While posting ads may be financially costly, it may however be the best option since sellers may reap more than the offers from outright buyers.

The following sites are well known.  They are credible having sold and brokered many deals in the used device sales.

Ebay – Make your bucks and run

This selling option gives you the median price which enables sellers to determine how they price gadgets. The last price thus is dependent on how the seller presents it.

The cost of selling over Ebay is dependent on the options a seller has, with more pictures meaning more pay for example.

The costs incurred are independent on the sale, meaning one could end up paying and still not sell, thus no returns! The preferred mode of payment is PayPal and sellers will thus need to have an account.Sales at Ebay are an auction game involving a lot of waiting and can be immensely nerve racking.


This is moulded almost like a mix of Crailglist and Ebay. Listing is free in addition to filling a form.Paypal is the most preferred method of payment. Choosing Swappa to transact thus means having a PayPal account. Its quite a popular forum for selling old devices.


Gazelle is a likeable  option for a seller looking seeking a reasonable profit. It gives an offer outright once it is told of a product.Sellers don’t have to make a listing and it gives offers that are do not  rely on the sale of the device! You get it right away.

Sellers will thus decide whether the offers are good enough or are low for their gadgets.

Smartphone Trade-In

This site is a lot similar to Gazelle, and it even gives free boxes if sellers need them. This makes it a choice for quick money too, just like Gazelle. However payments by Gazelle are through PayPal or Amazon.

Smartphone Trade-in claims its checks are sent two days after receipt of the device and thus it’s a quick payment site too. Smartphones Trade-in and Gazelle offer free transport and are user friendly. Make a choice!

New entrant on device sales market

Old phones sellers can now sell them via a vending machine, called ecoATM. Gadgets are assessed and assigned a value.  The assessment is by scanning, poking and prodding the gadget.

Sellers accept  offers and are paid instantly from the machine or can decline.  Payments can only fail if the machines run out of money, in which case it will not accept the gadget.

There is a requirement, however, for thumbprints and scan of seller’s driving license, a requirement for second hand dealer laws. Sellers may be uncomfortable giving personal information to ATMs though!

NB: before the machines take in the device, sellers need to decide if the offer is good enough for their gadgets.

Wrapping  up choices

Owners of popular used devices can choose to sell them for money or donate to people in need. Either way, the satisfaction is determined by the reward of being good to others.

The money, depending on the need of the seller, determines how to dispose gadgets. It should be up to the seller to decide or even keep it, not to dispose.

Each of the selling options have their pitfalls, ranging from competition, low offers, the head ache of negotiations and some are costly. Users of gadgets, a one off transaction, will be disadvantaged against other sellers because it is only an item that they need to dispose and not traders per se, but they would rather sell than keep them since they are not needed anyway!

While EBay may be rated highest, with no actual valuation on devices, and thus prices determined by markets, one must know how to play cards well when selling.

Sites ask buyers to make an offer and it can settle lower or higher than the median price. With sites charging listing fee as well, sellers need to do the right calculations before making any move. After listing at a cost, it doesn’t matter to the sites what happens there after.

The state /condition of the device on sale is everything. Let seller be informed of the market and the specs of the device in order to venture selling it with confidence.

A clever way of learning how a gadget would do in the market is by posing as a buyer. This helps to dig information and comparisons and then emerging an informed seller.

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