Get a Free Google Play Gift Card With a Purchase Of a New Galaxy Phone via Phones4U


Today’s news hints that Google Play gift cards might be on the verge of an official launch shortly, as Phones4U has a promotional offering a free £20 gift card code to those who purchase a Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini or Galaxy Note II from the company. Potentially interested customers can head on over to the Phones4U promotional page where they will be prompted to enter their name, contact details and their IMEI number. Additionally, Phones4U’s terms of service says that this promotion is valid through March 15th.

The Google Play gift card redemption page has been live in the United Kingdom for several weeks now, which makes us wonder if Google Play gift cards have launched, but in very low populated areas, or if Google Play gift cards are on the verge of a launch.

To our knowledge, Google Play gift cards have not made their launch yet. If you’ve seen any in the U.K. though, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

source: Phones4U

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