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Galaxy S4 Laser Keyboard Is Already Here: The Celluon Magic Cube

Projection Laser Keyboard Concept

Phandroid writer Quentyn Kennemer wrote an article about a Galaxy S4 Projection Laser Keyboard Dock that could both charge your Galaxy S4 and type out your lecture notes while in class. While the individual on the video was not in class (but rather, in an office or bedroom), the idea is still a cool one nonetheless. I have always appreciated the idea of “double devices” – that is, an object that normally does one thing but turns out to have another capability. Google Glass is Google’s augmented-reality project in which I cannot wait to share because it does the same thing that the projection laser keyboard video does: it changes my perception of reality by using a phone dock as a laser keyboard device. Very clever.

The laser keyboard video made headlines at the end of 2012 when articles about it were published all over the web. These articles ponder what “could” happen with the new S4, but I doubt that the laser keyboard concept will ever be embedded in a charging dock. Even if Samsung never produces a projection laser keyboard dock, you can still have that which you want most. Look at the two pictures below—the first a picture from the video, the second from an item that is already on the market:

 Picture #1: Galaxy S4 Video

Galaxy S4 Projection Laser Keyboard Dock

[Photo Credit: Rozetked]

Magic Cube Laser Keyboard

Picture #2: Celluon Magic Cube

[Photo Credit: CNET]

If you look hard enough, you’ll discover that both screenshots involve the use of a laser keyboard that is projected onto a flat surface. While the Galaxy S4 phone dock is not here yet (if it is coming), the projection laser keyboard is already here: in the form of a device known as “The Magic Cube.”

 The Magic Cube is a device manufactured by the company Celluon that provides both a laser keyboard and a keyboard mouse all in one. The following specs apply:

  • Works on all flat surfaces
  • Requires little space for setup
  • Works for smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs, and tablets
  • Works with all modern devices that have Bluetooth support
  • Provides a power-saving mode that allows you to turn off your laser keyboard and then turn it on again by way of multi-touch gesture

The power-saving mode that the Magic Cube provides allows you to conserve your Magic Cube battery so that you do not need to recharge immediately. It works best on flat surfaces, so having a book or something under it will frustrate the cube’s operations. While the Magic Cube does have Bluetooth support, it has the following technologies included in the Cube itself:

  • Laser Keyboard Pattern Projector
  • Optical Sensor
  • Infrared (IR) Layer Emitter

The Laser Keyboard Pattern Projector is responsible for the laser keyboard that stretches onto your hard desk or table as you type and work. The optical sensor detects where your hands are on the keys so that the letter combinations you type (including commas) will make their way onto your smartphone, laptop, or tablet screen. The IR Layer Emitter provides an infrared layer that provides the “red,” somewhat holographic color of the virtual keys. The Magic Cube will work for iOS4, Mac OSX 10.4, Android 2.0, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, and higher.

While Android lovers wait for Samsung to produce the laser keyboard dock, you can own it – just purchase Celluon’s Magic Cube. The Celluon Magic Cube retails for approximately $150 at and $115 at

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