Firefox For Android Updates, Runs 25% Faster


Mozilla pushed out an update to Firefox for Android yesterday. The app received a whole host of changes, but the most notable of the changes is a new JIT JavaScript compiler known as IonMonkey, which claims to run web apps and games a whopping 25-percent faster than usual. If our smartphones running the latest hardware is anything to go by, we love things that go fast!

In addition to JavaScript improvements, the browser is now compatible with Google Now, a feature introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This means that if you do a search in Google Now, Firefox is another way to carry out the request. Aside from the much needed bug fixes and performance improvements, Mozilla also added Safe Browsing to the app. You know when you go to a website and Google warns you that it could be dangerous to your computer or mobile device? Firefox for Android will now do that same thing.

Firefox for Android has come a long way, but since downloading Chrome for Android I don’t see myself ever going back to Firefox. Chrome is so fast that it’s almost a chore to look something up through Firefox on Android or even the desktop browser. Regardless, it’s a nice browser for those not able to get Chrome, as Chrome is only available on Android 4.0 or higher.

You can head to the Google Play Store via your Android device to grab the new update or you can hit the link below to grab the latest update for Firefox.

Google Play Store