Falcon Pro Updated With Multi Window Support


As Falcon Pro for Twitter begins picking up steam on the Google Play Store, the developers are constantly striving to improve the app. That said, a new update is available for users to download. The new update brings a new “light” theme to the app. Best of all, multi window support has been added! If you’re touting a device that has multi window support like the Galaxy Note II, you’ll be ecstatic for the update as the majority of apps in the Google Play Store do not support multi window features.

In addition to the new theme and multi window support, bug fixes and improvements were applied to the update as well:

  • Better Retweet system, with 3 RT options
  • Better image upload, faster and more stable
  • Better double tap
  • Fixed character count with URL’s
  • Fixed new tweet button not appearing on search
  • Fixed the FC on new tweet while on followers list
  • Fixed rotation issue on new DM
  • Little UI changes

Falcon Pro is a outstanding Twitter client and would easily become my favorite of you could sign into multiple accounts at once and switch between them flawlessly. Make sure to grab the latest version of Falcon Pro for Twitter by hitting the Google Play Store link below!

Google Play Store