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Facebook’s mobile app to now support Voice Calling

Facebook is planning to integrate a new feature in its Messenger app, which would now allow its users to make voice calls (VoIP) to their friends. The feature is already available to smartphone users in Canada, and the social networking giant now wants to roll the feature out as an update to rest of its users.  This is a great service for personal use, but businesses will still want to look into a SIP trunk provider to support their operations.

The feature would allow anyone to call their Facebook friend through VoIP (Voice over IP calls, or more commonly known as, internet calls).

Facebook has been working tenaciously to augment the standards of its app on iOS and Android. We know how Facebook dropped the sloppy HTML 5 and refurbished it with native coding. The result was that the app became incredibly fast, intuitive and light-weight.

Just a few days back, Facebook has also released the new voice message feature, which allowed users to send recorded voice messages to each other. Perhaps, Facebook just went a step further this time by introducing the VoIP calls. According to Tech Crunch, the ability to make ‘internet voice calls’ and also send voice messages would make Facebook a more complete app.

Speaking of complete app, well, Facebook is also gearing up to launch its Poke app, which would allow users to record their voice by pressing a red button and it would appear as an in-line conversation.

While it may seem that Facebook has encircled almost everything when it comes to online social interaction, there’s still room for improvements. Perhaps, it could integrate the video messaging feature as well. Right now, Facebook Messenger only has support for sharing photos and audio.

Facebook clearly wants to popularize its Messenger app, which is overhauled by the likes of WhatsApp, Nimbuzz and GTalk. With more than a billion mobile users, the social interaction is shifting to a whole new frontier.

Right now, people have to use WhatsApp and Facebook both to stay in touch with their friends and family. Facebook might strike gold, if it succeeds in making Facebook Messenger a much better and convenient option than WhatsApp.

The wheels are already in motion for an app which promises complete social interaction. Who do you think would make finally make it?

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