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Facebook Trying Out “Extreme” Price Points for the Proposed Pay-To-Message Feature


Facebook which started off a social network to keep in touch with your buddies, has transformed into a billion dollar industry. The company seems so hell bent on making money, that it recently proposed the introduction of video ads on the site, starting from 2013. And today, we’ve stumbled across another new money making venture which might not be as successful as the folks at Facebook think. Well, we all know the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and also a lot about his popularity on the social network. He has over 16 million followers on his Facebook page, which means there is obviously going to be a lot of fan mail, suggestions etc. But according to Mashable, Facebook could be looking to monetize this too, as the social network apparently is thinking of giving users an option to pay $100 so that their messages don’t end up in the spam folder (known as the “other” folder) but instead grab Mark’s attention.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t find this feature on your Facebook account as it is believed that the feature is only being tested out. This means that while it might appear to one of your friends, it wouldn’t necessarily appear to you. But it’s no secret now that the plan is real and that Facebook actually wants to bring this feature if positive results are reported. We really don’t see people taking a liking to this new feature, but even if they don’t there’s really not much of a choice. Everybody knows that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t personally read all the messages sent by fans and users as it is humanly impossible to do that. So maybe Facebook wants to prioritize and filter important mails from, well, the barrage of spam messages. It must be noted that Facebook wants this feature to be implemented to all and not just Mark Zuckerberg. The company said – “We are testing some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam“. Perhaps $100 is a little too extreme, and something like a $10 or $20 would have sufficed.

If the idea is to reduce spam, well then Facebook can be assured there will be none of that with this “extreme” price point. Facebook was believed to be experimenting with something known as the pay to message plan which would require users to pay a one-time fee of $1 to send messages to certain people, so this is a clear evolution of that idea. This is still far from being officially implemented, so we have to treat this as a test project for now. Regardless, it seems a little too extreme (pun intended) to be charging people to send messages. Even if it’s a celebrity, I guess this beats the whole purpose of celebrities being connected and in touch with their fans. But from one angle we have to wonder whether pay-to-message does hold weight especially for popular Facebook pages like the one mentioned in this article. Let’s see how things progress in the days ahead.

Via: Mashable

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