Facebook Introduces Graph Search

This Tuesday Facebook revealed a new feature called Graph Search that enhances the way you do a search on the popular social network. Previously when you type a name it will bring down a person or a business. This time around though with the introduction of this new feature more sophisticated questions can be answered.

First thing to keep in mind is that Graph Search isn’t a web search. Instead, it is a tool used to search for information that is already in Facebook. Specifically it’s a way to access information that’s already in Open Graph. For those unfamiliar with Open Graph it is a feature of the social network that shares apps that you use, comments that you have made and music that you have listened to just to name a few to the general public.

Just in case what you are looking for isn’t in Facebook then it will display search results from Bing.

Graph Search has four fundamental functions and that is making it easier for users to search for Places, Photos, People and Interests. It makes it easier for you to know what apps your friends are using, what TV shows doctors are watching, actor liked by your friends and so on. As long as the information is already in Facebook then you can easily search for it.

This new feature has already launched but still in beta. The feature will still be tweaked by the company based on the feedback of beta testers. Those who wish to be a beta tester can join the waiting list where after signing up you will receive a message that states “Thanks for signing up for our beta. When Graph Search is ready you’ll see an announcement on Facebook and you can switch to the new experience.”

For those concerned about privacy issues the company says that this feature will only return search results of data that is directly shared with you. This means that each person will have a different search result.

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