Facebook for Android Updated with Voice Messages, Faster Photo-Viewing and Improved Sharing


Facebook has been tenacious in its efforts to make its Android application better. Firstly, it trashed the HTML 5 version, and came out with a native coded app, which was at least ten times snappier than its previous counterpart. Since then, there’s been no looking back for the social networking giant.

Knowing that majority of its user-base is mobile, and considering the fact that over 60% of the smartphones in the world are Android based, Facebook cannot ignore the Google based OS. Though Facebook has been more affectionate with iOS, as it released its Facebook Poke app on the Apple platform first, and voice messages, too were introduced first on the iOS platform.

Well, better late than never. Android has finally received the much anticipated update from Facebook, which would now allow Android users to send voice messages to each other (No need for Facebook Messenger).

Facebook’s Android users would also be able to upload photos in quick time, and would be able to share their friends’ stories to their Timeline, Pages and Groups, as they wish. Hence, there’s no longer a constraint that the story could only be shared on your timeline.

Besides, the photo-viewing option has also been considerably improved. Although photos did appear in quick time in the previous version, after the update, the loading time for photos has been reduced considerably.

The full change log for the update is as follows:

  • Faster opening, viewing and closing of photos
  • Share your stories or your friends’ stories to your Timeline, Pages and Groups
  • Send voice messages

Perhaps, it was only a month ago, when Facebook has received its first major upgrade. Though that update brought all these features, photo-viewing and sharing was not as snappy as it is now. The following speed update puts the Android version in line with the Facebook’s iOS version.

We just hope Facebook continues its efforts in developing smarter, faster and secure apps.

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