Facebook Adds Voice Calling Feature To Its iOS App

We reported earlier this month that Facebook has been testing a voice call feature for their iOS app in Canada. Today the company has rolled out the voice call feature for their Messenger for iPhone app that allows U.S. based users to make calls using a Wi-Fi network.  There’s still no mention when this feature will be made available worldwide but we are hoping it will do so soon.

If you check on the app you will notice a new free calling button which you can tap to call your contacts. Not everyone in the U.S. has access to this feature though as the company is rolling it out in phases. You’re likely to get a message that says “You don’t have permission to chat with this person” if you still don’t have access to this feature.

To make a call to one of your contacts all you have to do is open a conversation with that person. Look for the “I” button and click on it then click on Free Call. This will enable you to contact that person who will see a message on their screen that reads “John Doe is calling” for example. This is very useful if you are in an area with bad network signal or if you just want to conserve your minutes.

Those who have access to this feature said that the call quality was great. The clarity is equal to other VoIP solutions out there such as Skype, Viber and Vonage.

This is definitely going to be interesting once the company decides to roll out this feature worldwide. We all know that this popular social network has more than a billion users. Adding a voice call feature will make it easier for people to stay connected with each other.

Earlier this week the company also revealed their Graph Search feature that lets users easily search for information inside the social network.

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