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Experimental Jelly Bean ROM for Xperia T released

Experimental Jelly Bean ROM for Sony Xperia T

If you an Android developer and you happened to have a Sony Xperia T lying around, here is something you can do. Sony has just released an experimental build of the Android 4.1, also known as Android Jelly Bean, for the Xperia T. Again, this is an experimental build, an alpha build to be more precise.

The company has left a lot of loops open. For example, the user interface of the build does not reflect the new features of the operating system. A few of the most important radios on a smart phone are not yet supported on this build. For example, Wi Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth are not working on the Sony Xperia T when you install this build of the operating system. Also, you can bid Google Apps good bye.

So if you are feeling adventurous today, go ahead, download the build and work on it. But if the kind of person who wants everything to work properly on his smart phone and do not want to get involved in any kind of bug reporting or testing, you are better off without this and better be on the Ice Cream Sandwich build which came with your smart phone.

I am pretty sure that the developers over at XDA are eager to get their hands dirty with this build, and I am also very sure that a few of them have already downloaded the build and opened it up by now. So it is just a matter of days before the build gets fixed with all the needed drivers and lines of code to make the radios and the Google Apps work on this build. You can probably wait till then with the Ice Cream Sandwich on your smart phone.

But Sony also says that if you install this experimental build, you will not be able to upgrade to the final build of the operating system when it gets released in the future. So be careful on what you do. If you are still interested, you can download the build from here and Sony’s flashing tool from here.

Source: Talk Android

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