Estimated 103 Million LTE-Compatible Devices Shipped In 2012, Numbers To Skyrocket Within Four Years

4G LTE Network

4G LTE is without a doubt the new standard for mobile data speeds and has effectively replaced older 3G networks. According to ABI Research, 4G adoption hasn’t been as speedy as 3G adoption was a few years back. This is very surprising considering the outstanding devices that launched last year and how blazing fast LTE data speeds are. ABI Research estimates about 91 million LTE handsets to have been shipped along with 6 million LTE-enabled USB dongles and 3.35 million LTE-enabled tablets with 95% of them coming out of North American and Asian markets. The percentage isn’t surprised considering how fast data network speeds are evolving in the North America compared to other markets.

As you would expect, ABI Research is expecting the 91 million LTE handsets to skyrocket in the next few years. This is no surprised either when you consider that the top four major carriers are working extremely hard to get their own LTE networks up and running . Regardless, ABI Research predicts that the 91 million LTE handsets will turn into 785 million by 2017. While this seems like a lot, it’s fairly normal when something becomes the new standard for technology.

I think it was more than obvious that we will be seeing a surge in LTE devices in the next four years. It’s a rather broad statement.

source: ABI Research
via: Talk Android


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