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Deal: HTC Droid DNA Now Available for $99 for New Verizon Customers


With all the new 1080p droids hitting the market now or in the coming weeks, we tend to look over the smartphone which started it all off here in the U.S – the HTC Droid DNA (originally the J Butterfly). And we can understand if most users are holding up on getting the smartphone anticipating the arrival of newer and better droids in the market. The announcement of the Sony Xperia Z certainly didn’t help HTC’s cause as the smartphone was an instant hit at the course of the event and is still being talked about. But bear in mind, there’s still a good two months you will have to wait for the smartphone during which there will be plenty of other smartphones launching (at the MWC 2013 next month). So what is a good time to get a smartphone? The answer is never, as there will always be a better smartphone launching tomorrow, so it would behoove customers to live in the present and not think too far ahead, at least in terms of smartphones. The reason we say all this, is because there’s an irresistible deal right now going on for the Verizon HTC Droid DNA on Amazon Wireless. The device which originally cost $199.99 with a two year contract has now been slashed to a whopping $99.99. It’s hard to believe really as to what low sales can do to a smartphone, but this new offer certainly makes the smartphone more desirable for the American customers. Interestingly, Verizon still sells the smartphone for $199.99 despite several price reductions from other online retailers.

The offer is valid for new Verizon customers only and will require you to sign a two year pact, which is expected. So if you’re trying to get a new connection and are wondering which phone to get, you can’t go wrong with the mighty Droid DNA here. Existing Verizon customers will have to shell out $149.99 for the smartphone. But another online retailer Letstalk is offering the smartphone at $120 even for existing customers, so that can be a viable option if you’re looking to upgrade. To further get $12 off the price on Letstalk, users can use the coupon code TALK4TEN. Bear in mind that this features the exact same display and the CPU as the recently unveiled Xperia Z, so HTC’s offering is not outdated by any means. It’s actually the best Android smartphone one can ask for, in terms of specs. The only area where I feel HTC could have done better is in terms of internal storage, because with just 16GB, the customers can’t really make use of the display to its full potential.

With the Sony Xperia Z and the rest of the 1080p droids quite far away from launch in the U.S, it seems like the Droid DNA is a pretty attractive option. It will depend however on whether you will be content with the smartphone for the next two years as Verizon charges a pretty hefty amount for early termination of contract. So think twice before making an investment, but then again you’re only spending $99 here and you might as well upgrade to a better smartphone when the time arrives.

Source: Amazon Wireless, LetsTalk
Via: GSM Arena

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